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The Fifth Pillar: Empowering Common People in Indian Democracy

In the vibrant tapestry of Indian democracy, where the traditional pillars of Legislature, Executive, and Judiciary stand tall, there emerges an unconventional force – an unwritten pillar, so to speak – that carries the aspirations and strength of the common people. “The Fifth Pillar,” this metaphorical foundation is not entrenched in legal doctrines but thrives on the spirit of empowerment and community engagement.

The Fifth Pillar is registered under the Indian Trust Act of 1882. The organisation is dedicated to bridging the digital divide and fostering socio-economic development in marginalised communities across India. Since its inception in 2017, The Fifth Pillar has focused on key areas such as skill development, entrepreneurship, livelihood, education, health, and digital literacy, particularly for socially and educationally backward groups.





Shivendra Pal

Founder & Chairman

Shivendra Pal’s impactful journey extends beyond academic achievements, with a commitment to social change. As the Founder and Chairman of The Fifth Pillar, he leverages his psychology and social work expertise for meaningful interventions. His extensive experience in CSR showcases a dedicated effort to address societal issues. Through interactions with over 60 underserved communities, Shivendra Pal focuses on empowering marginalized women by delivering entrepreneurship development training, fostering lasting positive changes at both individual and community levels.


Trustee & Managing Director

Manisha, the Trustee and Managing Director of The Fifth Pillar, brings over a decade of experience in the development sector. With a background in health and nutrition, as well as expertise in digital literacy, she has played a pivotal role in driving positive change. Her academic achievements include a BSc, MSW, and MBA, reflecting her commitment to a well-rounded approach in addressing social challenges.

Ramesh Chandra Pal 

Vice Chairman & Sports Director

Mr. Ramesh Chandra Pal is a seasoned professional with 38 years of experience in cricket coaching. He holds a diploma from NIS Patiala and previously served as a sports officer in the U.P Sports Directorate. Currently, he serves as the Vice Chairman and Sports Director at The Fifth Pillar. Mr. Pal’s influence and guidance have led many cricketers to excel at the state, national, and international levels for India. He played a pivotal role in establishing the Allahabad Cricketers in 1985, serving as its first coach and manager at the Madan Mohan Malviya Stadium in Prayagraj. His collaboration with renowned figures like Rama Kant Achrekar and Vashu Paranjape has enriched the field of cricket coaching, showcasing his wealth of knowledge and experience. Mr. Pal stands as a catalyst for the development of sports, leaving a significant impact on the cricketing landscape.