The Fifth Pillar is engrossed on the area of health development working through the elementary care and treatment. We aim to take the complete restraint to provide the treatment to individuals from slums or underprivileged part of our society suffering from HIV/AIDS, cancer and drug addiction etc. Apart from these The Fifth Pillar would also be working on the following areas :
Free Vaccination
Health Awareness
Disability Support
Basic Health Check-Up, Etc.


The Fifth Pillar aim to work on the basic studies of the children and youth. We are striving to address the gap in the accessibility of low cost primary education in rural/urban areas. A vision that outlines Educated India. With educate India project we strive to encourage guardians to send their pupils to our school for their primary education rights from poor homes, orphanages and street shelters etc. Apart from these The Fifth Pillar would also be working on the following areas in education:

Vocational Training
Art & Craft
Special Education
Skill Development, Etc.

Sports Welfare

The Fifth Pillar’s one of the vital focuses is to support for sports, where we aim to organise the sports events to develop the personality of youths which is beneficiary for their health as well as overall development. The sole persistence of the organization is to deliver quality sports and restitution for the marginalized citizens of India for their personality development which includes but not limited to only the followings:

Football, Etc.

Disaster Management

Natural mishaps divulge that in the struggle for survival, the marginalized are usually the last in the mark and vanished in the horde and consequently suffer the most. In our country, with its immensely diverse climatic and topographical zones, reaching stickers of natural mishaps is a huge encounter. Given the size of its inhabitants and the dense population, calamities affect people in millions, causing insupportable losses and abolishing families and houses. Earthquakes, Floods, rainstorms and tidal wave often known as Tsunami are now a steady in various parts of India.

The Fifth pillar aims to start its disaster intervention programs as the first of its kind among voluntary organisations, we aim to train our volunteers to make them equipped to bring swift and effective counter measures in the face of disasters.

We aim to target a disaster response model is equipped to rush in quickly to reach out not only to the elderly but also to the community at large at times of large scale disasters, providing relief with food, clothing and shelter to establishing long-lasting rehabilitation programs.

Women Empowerment

The Fifth Pillar focuses on empowerment of womankind and girls as they are unduly affected by deficiency and discrimination and suffer abuse and desecrations in the realisation of their moralities, rights and access mechanism over resources. Also, understanding shows that, when fortified with the appropriate assets, women have the supremacy to help entire family and entire societies, overwhelmed insufficiency, marginalisation and communal inequality.

So here, we aim to educate them and make them aware about their rights and support them to look forward and avail the opportunity to take the part in societies by getting educated and to get work and learn everything.

Child Welfare

The Fifth Pillar emphases on refining the situations by which child, especially those in the marginalized populations can avail quality education. Education is an imperative tool that empowers the future of our country to contribute in verdicts that affect their existence and in improve their social status. We strive to work on the rights to education in a broader picture of society to support its implementation with real essence.

We are dedicated towards empowering operative implementation of learning requirements and policies for rights, entitlements and empowerment of kids from marginalized sections of the society.