Our Nation already has four pillars of democracy:

 The Legislature
 The Executive
 The Judiciary
 The Press

The Fifth pillar is the consolidation of the philosophy for upbringing of a new India where our prime focus area is the upliftment of the marginalized section of society. World’s every structure has four pillars to support however when even one pillar fails the structure comes to the verge of an end. However here we are just trying to be that fifth pillar which should be there to support the society whenever there would be a need, "The Helping Hand" where everyone is going to be a vital part of the movement where together we would support the needy ones.

The Fifth Pillar has been established by a young social activist Shivendra pal - A social work master degree holder with a vision to set up a system in parallel to the government to handle the indispensable issues and rights related to welfare, sports and development of underprivileged stratum of society without peculiarity of caste, creed or color.

There are millions who wants to develop their community, there are millions who never got their rights, there are millions who cannot afford proper Healthcare, there are millions who wants to study but cannot afford Basic Education, and there are millions who are still struggling to fulfil the basic needs of their life. One Man, One Group or an Organisation cannot fulfil everything but jointly when I changes to "WE", it changes from impossible to Possible.

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