Natural mishaps divulge that in the struggle for survival, the marginalized are usually the last in the mark and vanished in the horde and consequently suffer the most. In our country, with its immensely diverse climatic and topographical zones, reaching stickers of natural mishaps is a huge encounter. Given the size of its inhabitants and the dense population, calamities affect people in millions, causing insupportable losses and abolishing families and houses. Earthquakes, Floods, rainstorms and tidal wave often known as Tsunami are now a steady in various parts of India.

The Fifth pillar aims to start its disaster intervention programs as the first of its kind among voluntary organisations, we aim to train our volunteers to make them equipped to bring swift and effective counter measures in the face of disasters.

We aim to target a disaster response model is equipped to rush in quickly to reach out not only to the elderly but also to the community at large at times of large scale disasters, providing relief with food, clothing and shelter to establishing long-lasting rehabilitation programs.

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